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Our Canvas LMS instance is currently syncing with Power School for user provisioning, does this integration also disable users in Canvas LMS when they are disabled from Power Schools?

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Hello @mcarasso 


I am sorry that you have gone so long without an answer! Hopefully I can help. In short the answer is yes, you can set up so that users are removed when they are removed from your SIS. How you do it depends on if you are Canvas managed or not as far as the integration. Canvas imports can utlilize diffing to remove data that is not detected any longer when compared to subsequent imports. I believe that with PowerSchool you would have to send a specific status of deleted before removing them from your SIS, or if you script your own process you could utilize diffing mode. You can read more about that here.

If you have a Canvas managed integration it should be super simple to reach out to either support or your CSM and request that your integration diffs out users. This would mean that when your SIS stops sending the user when they have previously been sent they would be deleted from Canvas. I would highly suggest talking with your CSM though to verify there wouldn't be any unforeseen consequences. 

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