Using Grade Posting Policy with Canvas Quizzes

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I'm new to using the grade posting policy and so far I've figured out how it works and how to use it with assignments that have submissions that I grade and comment by hand.  

BUT, what if I was giving a quiz that was being graded automatically...   If I select the option to "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses (Incorrect Questions Will Be Marked in Student Feedback)" but then set the grade posting policy to "Manual" does that mean that the students will not be able to see their answers (or the correct answers if I choose that option) until after I make the grades visible?   

I guess I'm wondering how those two options (Manual grade posting and the option in the quiz assignment to allow students to see their answers) work together?



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Hi @klemons 

Students will not be able to view the quiz until you manually release their grades. I would not use thi feature for a quiz that is automatically graded, and for which I would want to encourage my students to review it.

Learn more at, How do I use posting policies in a course?


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