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Using Speedgrader In Courses With Group Assignments And Individual Assignments

Hello Everyone,

I have faculty with courses that involve both individual assignments and groups assignments. I've received multiple notes that faculty get the "Select a Student Group..." message in Speedgrader for individual assignments, and then it automatically selects a group for them. When I turn off the "Launch SpeedGrader Filtered by Student Group" in course settings it fixes the issue.

However, some of the assignments are group assignments and they would like to filter by group in Speedgrader to make things easier. Then I have to turn "Launch SpeedGrader Filtered by Student Group" back on to make the group grading option in Speedgrader accessible again.

Is there a way to set anything up to get around having to toggle the "Launch SpeedGrader Filtered by Student Group" function on and off in the course settings? I might be missing something.

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