Using and maintaining a rubric on multiple assessments in 1 course

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I'm trying to determine the best practice with rubrics.

My usecase is a course with discussion tasks which use the same rubric. 

we can either:

1. Reuse the rubric

but if you need to update it you have to unlink it from all (you can leave 1 connected) then make the update, then relink to all of them, BUT academics will see that stupid error message when attempting to do the settings on the rubric to say it's to be used for marking 

the error message "You can't edit this rubric, either because you don't have permission or it's being used in more than one place. Any changes you make will result in a new rubric based on the old rubric. Continue anyway?"

(note that checking the "Use this rubric for assignment marking" option does NOT cause a duplication of the rubric)

2. Duplicate the rubric

Which isn't as straight forward as you'd hope, because there isn't a duplicate button in the rubrics area, you have to either go through the share with yourself, or course copy process.

Also means if you need to make an update, you have to update in all the duplicates.


Neither of these provide a good workflow.

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