Video I can do, video related docs are in Files, but I want to lecture with notes seeable by sturdents

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I have about 15 separate  Latin chapter outlines for next semester. I want to record for later playback me lecturing and the students being able to see online the notes for that lesson, maybe even just see the notes and not my face, just listen to me while referencing the outlines. I cannot get the two together, unless I have the notes in one place and go through attaching them somehow to my video 


I assume I am having to uses PAGES to set up the video, I can't find any way to go to my outlines ( in FILES) and place the video there


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@RobertBerger ...

Do you know if your school has purchased the add-on product, Canvas Studio, from Instructure?  You would see a "Studio" icon located on the left-hand global navigation menu within your Canvas environment (typically somewhere between your "Inbox" and "Help" icons).  Studio is a paid add-on product, so you'd need to talk with your school's Canvas administrator to see if they might have any plans to purchase it.  Studio allows for doing screen captures so that you can show your computer screen while talking about your notes, and you wouldn't have to use your webcam to show your face if you didn't want to.

I know there are other softwares out there that could do something similar...though you'd have to record those in a different manner and then either link to them...if they allowed that kind of thing) or upload the video file to your course for your students to view.

Ultimately, you might want to have a conversation with your Canvas admin or someone from your school's Online Learning / eLearning / Distance Education team to see what might be available to you ... or what they would recommend.  They may have some other options for you that others at your school have used successfully.

Good luck!  Keep us posted...thanks!

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