What happens if I change a requirement in Module after work submitted?

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I have a module set up where every assignment must be done in sequential order. FOr one of the assignments, I have the requirement set to "Submit." I have had some students submit bogus work and I want the module to relock for them until they fix the work they submitted. I also have this module set as a prerequisite for another module. I would like the second module to relock as well until they resubmit the assignment in the first module. Is this possible without messing up any of the students who did everything correctly?

Basically, I want to change an assignment requirement from "Submitted" to "Score at least an "80%"? Would students that had already completed the assignment and score at least 80% have to go back and do anything else? Would the students that completed it before the change and had not reached  80%, have to go back and do so if they had already completed the assignment and the module?

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Hi, Liza,

If students have already fulfilled the requirement, when you make the change Canvas will ask you if you want to re-lock the modules for all students or if you want to let the students continue in the course. That step is shown in this lesson: How do I add requirements to a module?  

Hope that helps!


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