What is the rationale to confirm each annotation in SpeedGrader?

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The concept of SpeedGrader is good. But the execution is done rather poorly. To begin with, it is very stupid that one has to confirm each annotation and there is no reminder at all if you did not do so. Sometimes I graded half of the assignments and realized that nothing was saved. 

It is a terrible design fault. Since one can easily remove annotation, why one should confirm an annotation by default? I am not even sure it is a deliberate design feature or really just a bug. 

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I totally agree but it seems to me that this is more of a flaw than a dsign element. Using the Teacher app on an ipad annotation proceeds smoothly with no requirement that each annotation be confirmed. Using a browser on a windows desktop the same tool annotates only after confirmation, with a new annotation not being chosen by user but automatically invoked when pen is lifted from tablet. On the browser from the ipad annotation does not work at all with annotation selection defaulting to regular cursor. If these were conscious design elements then the very least one would expect would be a radio button to toggle between confirmation and non-confirmation, and consistency for browser use across platforms. I am new to this community but while lurking I have noticed a certain prickliness from the moderators at what they perceive as unwarranted criticism so I am interested in the response, if any. That said this tool, and Canvas in general, is a highly productive environment. However with long experience with the development and use of IT I would strongly recommend that user comments like that above be taken SERIOUSLY by the developers. With thanks

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