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When copy a course, question banks were not staying linked to the quizzes?

I don't know my case is a singularity or someone else in the community experienced the same. 

For some reason, when faculty copy over a course to a new one, the testing bank banks are not staying linked to the quizzes. I have to manually relink them. Is it a Canvas bug or something we need to fix in our end?


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We experienced this too, and it seemed to be random. A few of the banks remained linked but others were not. The course copy error said something like "user does not have permission to access the bank"

Exactly the same. It cured itself in several hours, but it was scary. 

I still don't know what caused it nor if it will come back. 

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I experienced this problem when trying to make a copy of a quiz for a student to take late- the questions that were supposed to pull from a bank did not and on my view I got the message 'the question group is set to pick more questions than are available' but did not even show which bank it was originally set to pull from.   There was no notification that the quiz had changed, on the cover page it says the points are the same but when I click on the quiz to edit it then I see that the points have changed and some questions are now missing.

It was only the questions that were supposed to select a partial set from a bank that had trouble- questions that I had included where I took all of the questions from a question bank but had not put into a group transferred just fine.

There was not a solution or explanation posted here yet (I found some other posts from a few years ago with similar problems but no resolutions) - so I wanted to make sure people knew it was still a problem.  

 @emg0039 ‌, if this remains a problem, please use the Report a Problem option on the Help menu initiate a case with Canvas Support (How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?‌ If you've already submitted a ticket, you'll be informed of progress directly.

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This absolutely persists as a problem.