When will you move SUBMIT button for Quizzes to top of screen and not directly under NEXT Button

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When taking quizzes on Canvas the SUBMIT button is directly below the NEXT button with little spacing. As a student this issue is stressful and I have had feedback from instructors that this is an issue, yet I have been using canvas for three years with no changes. Please comment if you have a concern with this as well so a change can be made. 

If there is a way for instructors to relocate the SUBMIT button to the top of the page, please provide instruction so that I may pass it along to them. 

Thank you, I appreciate any information you can provide.

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Hello @KilaR 

Thank you for posting in the community.

Seeing a good response about this question here: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Idea-Conversations/Position-of-Submit-Button-on-Quizzes/idi-p/496...

The design of New Quizzes solves for this. Please read through the student lesson  How do I take a quiz in New Quizzes? and note that the Submit button is at the top of the quiz page, and includes a warning message requiring confirmation.

Our product teams are no longer developing new functionality on the code base for Old (Classic) Quizzes, which is scheduled for deprecation, so we've archived this idea.

Please read through the resources in the New Quizzes User Group to get started with the new quiz tool. If you don't see the ability to enable the new quiz tool in the settings area of your course, please reach out to your local Canvas admin or teacher for guidance on the New Quiz availability at your school.


Hope this helps!

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