Where is the Indent button in RCE?

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I rather like MOST of the new RCE editor, but. . .

The indent icon indicates it will indent the first line only. I want to indent a whole paragraph, and often need to indent the paragraph below as I design pages with rich content in them.

How about a little explainer on the new indent button, y'all.


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Hi @ken_erickson 

Have you read through the guide to adding and modifying text in the RCE?  It explains how to use the tools. 


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Hi @ken_erickson 

I just tested this in a sandbox to verify my understanding.

  • If you place your cursor at the beginning of a line and click the indent icon, it indents the entire paragraph,
  • If you select the paragraph, it indents the paragraph, and
  • If you select multiple paragraphs, it indents all the selected text.

I am not at all sure what is happening at your installation if it is behaving differently.


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