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Why Is Gradebook: Individual View not aligned with New Gradebook?

The Individual View of Gradebook is not in alignment with New Gradebook and continues to use the language and features of legacy Gradebook. 

Global checkboxes presented in Individual View of Gradebook

Labeled Global Settings, this series of checkboxes is a curious mix of settings that either only apply to this view, are no longer applicable, are a second way to change a setting, or are actual global settings but without the added confirmation you get when set via the 'gear' menu. 

  • I understood Treat Ungraded as 0 is no longer supported in New Gradebook. Though the checkbox is here, it doesn't seem to change anything. This feature causes confusion because instructors use it when they should be setting a Late Policy.
  • Hide Student Names applies to the Individual View only and is not carried over into the grid view or Speedgrader.
  • Show Concluded Enrollments and Show Notes in Student Info are settings available in the grid under the View... menu. Show Notes has no affect on Individual View. I didn't test if toggling Show Concluded Enrollments affects what students show in Individual View.
  • Allow Final Grade Override is kind of a big deal. Checking the box here is the same as enabling it in the 'gear' menu > Advanced. Checking the box here does not prompt a confirming 'are you sure' or 'save' or 'update' button.
  • Show Totals as Points on Student Grade Page seems (and I'm newish to Canvas) the only place to configure this setting. 

That Global settings are presented here - a location you navigate to by selecting "Individual View" - seem incongruous. That some of these settings are also configurable in the grid view is a bit 'belt and suspenders'.

The whole Individual View has a feel of something forgotten in the shift to New Gradebook. The best example is the option to mute assignments! There's a checkbox labeled "Muted?" and when you check it you get the old language around muted assignments. Functionally, it sets the Grade Posting Policy to 'Manually.'

Vestigial Mute Assignment dialog box

What plans does Instructure have to bring the Individual View into alignment with the language and features in the grid view of New Gradebook?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Sonja,

For the last several months, before New Gradebook was enabled for all accounts, our Gradebook engineering team was undergoing an audit of all the functionality that needed to be aligned with the Individual View Gradebook. They were making plans to make adjustments at the beginning of this year, which of course was planned before all teams made adjustments per COVID-19 priorities. Our teams are now reworking their timelines for the rest of the year, and hopefully this project will come back eventually to prioritize time to streamline the two Gradebook views.

Hope that helps,


Thank you Erin!