Why can't I see courses available? Frustrated!!!

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Unfortunately, Canvas Community members here won't be able to help you with specifics about the course you are looking for in your school's Canvas environment.  We only have access to our own Canvas environment, so we wouldn't be able to log into your Canvas environment to help troubleshoot.  In situations like this, it is best to reach out to folks at your school to help you with this.  For example, do you know if Bluejacket Public Schools has an Online Learning / eLearning / Distance Learning department or someone that is a Canvas administrator at your school?  Or, maybe you can contact your instructor directly to see if he/she would be able to help?

Also, just to make sure, when you are logged in to Canvas, click on Courses >> All Courses.  Do you see your course listed on that screen at all?  If not, then you should contact someone at your school.  If you do see the course, but the course is not in a "Published" state, then your instructor has not yet made the content available to you and your classmates.

Hopefully this info will be helpful to you.  Good luck with your course!

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