Why do Google Cloud Assignments not get marked as missing?

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I am primarily using the Google Cloud Assignment feature for my students, but when the due date passes, Canvas is not marking these assignments as missing. If a student submits after the due date, the assignment is marked as late, but I have to manually go in and mark any assignment without a submission as missing. This is a large waste of time, especially with 150+ students in a virtual setting, and it's compounded by the fact there is still no shortcut in the grade book to mark missing assignments.

Is there something I'm missing? Is there a way for Google Cloud Assignments to be marked as missing if they are not submitted by the due date? 

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I have the same problem. Looks like this question never got answered!????

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This is a community of fellow Canvas users, not Canvas support employees so if a question does not get answered it is because no one in the community has a solution.  

In answer to the question though, I am pretty positive that is how every LTI works, where Canvas will not mark things as late, it is not unique to Google.  It has to do with the way LTIs and Canvas interact.  Canvas can only mark things late when it is something actually submitted using only Canvas (not through an LTI).

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