Why won't an assignment allow you to duplicate it?

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Some assignments do not have the option to duplicate:


Does anyone know if there are any reasons why an assignment wouldn't have the "duplicate" option?  It is NOT an assignment with an external tool. 


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Hi  @lindsay_henry ,

You cannot duplicate an assignment if it was created using the quiz tool or if it makes use of an LTI tool (TurnItIn, Proctorio).

But there is a workaround to this detailed pretty well in this article: Copying items in a course 

It just uses the course import tool, but you just import from the same course you're currently in. How do I select specific content as part of a course import? 

Let me know if I can explain any of this a little more in-depth!


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I am surprised that more people have not brought this to the attention of Canvas.

It is exasperating to see that the  "duplicate" button is missing from particular assignments, and yet other assignments that were created in the same manner will have the "duplicate" button as an option.

Canvas, please advise.

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