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I am wondering if anyone has any advice on the export from WordPress and import to Canvas process.  Say I have a course site created on WordPress.  I have the ability to export all of those pages and associated files, and I believe the export file that is generated is an .xml file.  In looking at the import options from the Canvas side of things, there isn't a WordPress or a .xml option.

Anyone had any success to trying this?


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Just had a conversation with WordPress support too.  Here is the chat from those folks...  In case it helps some other folks.

This question is not about my specific site, but about a WP hosted site that my institution has. While they love WP and even won an award for the content they created from their professional association, because it is not an institutional service that have to transfer the content to something that we - as an institution - license. The folks involved have decided to convert it over to our learning management system - Canvas. I was wondering if there was a tool for that on your end or if you provided a service for that which could be purchased? I looked at the online help around exporting and I don't believe an XML file will be useful, and it seems like the paid $129 service is only good for two specific domains. But I figured I should check all the same, just in case. Thanks in advance... MKB

Hi there - I'll need a couple of minutes to read through this. I'll be right back.

No worries... Sorry for sending it twice. Smiley Sad

No worries! I've caught up and I think I understand where you are and what you're needing.

As additional reference, it appears that the WP site used primarily pages (and not posts).

The only tool we provide is the Export feature and, as you know, it can only export an XML file.

There are two trains of thought I have...
1. How many pages are we talking about? It would be painful, but copying and pasting page content is likely a sure thing. 2. Have you spoken with Canvas to find out if they can manage an XML file coming from a WordPress site?

Yeah, Canvas import is limited to .zip files (i.e., exports from other LMSes) or imcss files (i.e., Canvas export files).

The copy and paste option seems to be the only one we have. I believe it is about 25-50 pages.

Yeah, that's challenging and I totally feel your pain. Canvas kind of ropes your content in. Hard to get out/in.

I had sort of come to that conclusion from the Canvas Community discussion I had, but I figured it was worth reaching out to WP to make sure I didn't miss anything on the WP end.

Thanks for the confirmation. You have a great day!

Not missing anything here unfortunately. You've done your due diligence. Best of luck to you on the move. Let us know when have any other questions.

Thanks so much! You have a great day as well. Smiley Happy

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