adding an assignment with no due date, course adds this to seemingly random grading period

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Hi all,


Tried to add the images so you can see them directly, but technology doesn't seem to like me today. Sorry about that.

I've been hanging around in the test environment to get a feel for grading periods. It seems to be working like a charm, but today something happened that I can't explain.


My grading periods can be seen in picture 1.

In the course I've been testing in, I added an assignment today (june 12th) with no due date whatsoever, as seen in picture 2.


So when adding an assignment with a due date that is outside the grading period dates, it will only show up in the Gradebook if I filter to "all gradingperiods". I expected this assigment to show up there. And it did. But it also decided to show op in periode-3, as seen in picture 3. This grading period ended on june 4th.


Can someone tell my why? Because I've been thinking about it, talked to people who have more knowledge about this, and I can't figure it out...


Thanks in advance!

Kind regards



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Community Coach

Karlijn -

When using grading periods, an assignment with no due date defaults to the last grading period.  There is more detail about grading periods here in the Canvas Guides:

This includes assignments that come into a course from a Course Import and you strip the dates or if you copy assignments from one course to another without a due date.

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