announcements remove all formatting and images in the email sent out

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so my insitutution has set up a corse for every student at the university that is for the Student union  and we are using the announcement feature to send emails to advertise the work the SU has been doing and the events we are running. 

but the email sent out removes all formating that we put in the announcement including emojis images and paragraphs. 

is there a way to change the settings so that the formatting is carried in to the email because its making our communications look very unprofessional. 

(some context we are a SU lead by volunteers as or university is small and the university doesn't want to give us traditional email access)

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Yes, you've accurately described how emailed announcement notifications function. There's a long-standing request for formatting and images to be included in the email, and if you'd like you can add your support and comments to Formatting of Announcement Notifications . You might find some interim solutions as you scan through the thread under that discussion prompt.

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