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collaboration on canvas

If I'm collaborating with another teacher and I want her to be able to access all my lessons and documents on my Canvas account, what's the best way to "share" all my content with her plus allow her to contribute lessons/docs as well?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Deactivated user​, what our faculty do when they want to share content is create a "shared" course where both teachers are listed as instructors of the course. If you have a l lot of content from multiple courses then you might consider adding the teacher to the courses you already have created; one thing here you have to watch out for is FERPA if there is student data in the courses. Another option, depending on whether you have access to Canvas Commons - What is Canvas Commons?​ - is share your content there with her.

Hope this helps!

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We have had better luck with a shared course.  Sometimes the Canvas Commons is confusing to faculty that are not as adept in technology.  Smiley Happy

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How interesting you would say that,  @kedgecomb ​.  I was thinking of adopting Canvas Commons for that very reason, since we have several faculty who like to share courses and I either add them as TAs to each other's course sites or just do the course copying myself.  Just out of curiosity, what seems to be the "show stopper(s)" for your faculty?


If for whatever reason sharing through Commons or creating shared courses doesn't work, you could always export the entire course and share that export file with anyone you want. How do I export a Canvas course?

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Another option you can utilize is copying the course for your colleague.How do I copy a Canvas course?​ This is useful in situations when there are multiple instructors that teach the same course. Using a course copy would allow another teacher to pull the content into their own course, and then use "as is" or sift through the content to add, change or customize what they want to fit the needs of their own class. Hope that's helpful!