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what the heck is "no answer, text provided" on an exam question ???? i started my exam and the 2nd question had that as an answer choice and the next question had the phrase for 2 choices.  I dont see anywhere I can enter my own answer.  I had to leave the test.  not sure what to do . did contact instructor waiting to hear back

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Hi anne,

It sounds like the teacher has simply not provided an answer. I did have a look at some historical threads but was unable to find one that had a resolution to the issue. I can definitely say you have done the right thing reaching out to your instructor.

You may also want to contact your school directly via Contact Us | Shoreline Community College as this was related to an exam. They should be able to help you out further. Unfortunately, we don't have access to any school's Canvas instances so that is definitely the best approach.

I hope that helps!


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