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I have written comments on all of my 20 students paper on Gradebook, doing all of them before I submitted them, but when I went back to them (and they now have an asterisk by the comment) the "submit" function does not seem to upload the comments and sent them out

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Without seeing your workflow, it is hard to say specifically what is happening. Are you typing up the comments on all of the students, then trying to go back and his submit?

When you go back, if it is highlighted in an orangish color with an asterisk, then it should be saved as a draft. You should be able to hit submit and it will attach the comment to that student's submission. I'm not sure why it will not work for you.

Try this: Copy and paste the draft into the comment submission block, then try to hit submit on the new comment. If that works, just click the X in the corner of the draft to delete. I usually do not leave draft on assignments, instead just hitting submit as I go. I'm not sure if what you are experiencing is normal (I suspect it is not).

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