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I'm trying to use the gradebook to show the students what their scanned markings from scantron look like by making a column in the standard way for grade book uploading. I attached some screenshots of what the CSV columns look like as well as what the columns look like once they're in the grade book in canvas. All of the entries which look like "AAAAAAAA" (w/ scantron options {A,B,C,D,E}), but when uploaded in the grade book they all look like '-'. During the process of uploading the data looks fine, but not so afterwards. Does anyone know how to configure things to show string valued cells in the grade book, and upload them in the standard csv automated way?



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Hi @LukeFairbanks 

While the grade book may look like a spreadsheet, that's not exactly what it is.  The only thing that can be displayed in a grade book column is a value that can be identified as a valid grade.  Except for the "Notes" column (which students can't see), a gradebook column cannot display a random string.

If you go to the grade detail and manually enter a random string for a grade, you will get a warning that it is not a valid grade, and the grade will not be saved.

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