how do I add an attendance page?

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I'm not sure why or how, but somehow I created a new course and it doesn't have an attendance option. How do I add that??

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@Heather50 I do not believe Attendance is on by default, it is something that needs to be made active in the course.  To do this, go to your course "Settings" and then click on the "Navigation" tab.  The Navigation area is divided into two sections.  The top section are things that are active in your course and the second half are things that can be added to your course.  That list will vary depending on your institution and what they may have added to Canvas but "Attendance" should be somewhere on that bottom list.  You want to drag it to the top portion and place it where you would like to fall in the menu (the organization of that area determines the order in the course menu).  Then be sure to click save at the very bottom.  This should enable the attendance feature for you.

Hope this helps!


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