how to change the order of files in discussion

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how to change the order of files in discussion

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Hello  @ejf2129 , if you would like discussions to be ordered in a particular order, you will one them to be in the pinned area.  These will show in the order you place them at the top of the discussion tab for students.  Discussions in the unpinned area will organize based on most recent activity in the thread.  Otherwise discussions in the two areas function the same.  

This is described a bit on this document, How do I move or reorder a discussion in a course?, where it states:

You can move or reorder in the Pinned Discussions section. You can manually drag and drop the discussion, or you can use the Move To option, which is also accessible for keyboard users.

Note: Only discussions in the Pinned Discussions section can be reordered manually. Other sections are automatically ordered by recent activity date.

I hope this helps and best wishes!

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