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i change one page and another is affected

i imported several blackboard backups into a course

When i change a page content and title in one section it affects the page in another - I can't understand why?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning, @MichaelFrost ...

Could you please provide an example and/or a screenshot of the issue?  (Be sure not to include any student information such as names/grades.)  Thanks!

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If I make a change to  content page with a description of the unit/subject, such as Section 1 Introduction to provide individualised support, it affects another unit page


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Hi @MichaelFrost ...

If you change the content on your "Section 1" page, it should not change the content on the "Section 2" and "Section 3" pages.  Those pages are labeled with different names, and there shouldn't be any connections among them that would cause changes to carry over from one page to another.  In fact, Canvas doesn't allow content pages on the "Pages" index page to have the same title.

Is there a way you could do a short screen recording of what you are experiencing and post it here?  This might help to do some more troubleshooting.  Thanks!

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Ive deleted it now and have started to treat each subject as a 'course' on the dashboard which seems to work better - i was going nuts trying to work out why it was doing it