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I reopened the midterm exam in Canvas for one student, and now I can't see the scores of the others; what should I do?
All the scores were deleted.

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Hi @NastaranKazemei 

If you need to re-open an assignment for just one student, make sure that you do it by clicking "+Add" and assigning it to that student with different dates.  When you to this, the existing assignment that says "Assigned to: Everyone" will change to "Everyone else".  Do NOT just replace "Everyone" with the student's name, or you have un-assigned all the other students from the assignment.

Fortunately, this is fairly easy to fix.  Just go back to the assignment, click on "+Add" at the bottom of the assignment to add another assignment , and set "Assign to: " to "Everyone else", and re-enter the original assignment dates.

There is a description at 


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