my rubric build abruptly disappeared

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Where did my in progress rubric build go and why did it seem to lock me out? screen went grey, froze then took me a firefox screen info site that I have no clue how to read, interpret or navigate and doesnt appear to offer a pathway back to my rubric that, at most, I was literally 5 minutes from completing!!!

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Community Coach

Hello there, @jramire4 ...

Ugh... that's never fun losing something that you were working on.  Been there, done that myself.  I feel your pain.  I'm not sure that you'll be able to recover the rubric, unfortunately.  If it wasn't saved, there's probably a good chance that you'll need to re-build it.  But, before you go through all the work of re-building it directly in Canvas, have you considered using a "Canvancement" (Canvas Enhancement) created by @James Jones called Importing Rubrics from a Spreadsheet - Canvas Community.  I use it often, and it has saved me lots of time building rubrics in Canvas for our faculty.  James' blog has the full instructions and some short video tutorials on how it all works, so you might want to consider using it for your own use.

Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, and be well.

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