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 the course is not in the drop down menu. Therefore the email address for the instructor not matching. Please help. The course that I am taking is Biol 2301 instructor Sairah saeed at katy compus

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Community Coach

Hello @PremDutta ...

Based on the e-mail address that is assigned to your Canvas Community profile, it looks as though you are a student.  Unfortunately, Community members won't be able to help answer specifics about the course(s) you are enrolled in at Houston Community College.  You would need to speak with folks at your school to help you with any enrollment questions related to your Canvas courses.  I browsed your school's website, and I found this page which has some helpful information on it:

Student Instructional Resources | Houston Community College - HCC (

I would suggest looking at the information listed under "Eagle Online (Canvas) Technical Support".

I hope this will help a bit.  Good luck in your conversations with the HCC staff.

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