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notes on individual assignments in gradebook

Is it possible for an instructor to make a note in the grade book on a specific student's assignment? Not a comment for the student to see, but a note in the grade book for the teacher's future reference? Something like, "submitted to me via email" or "got all vocab questions wrong this time." Or if I gave a student an extension or excused an assignment, I might like to make a note for myself about why I did that ("med" or "death in the family") so I can remember when I'm writing comments at the end of the term.

I know there is a "notes" column where we can make one general note about a student, but this would be an option to make notes for ourselves about a student's performance on an assignment or assessment that aren't for the student to see.

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Hello there, @KristaFalcone ...

The only option that I am aware of within "Grades" is to enable the general "Notes" column:

How do I use the Notes column in the Gradebook?

I did try searching for existing Feature Ideas here in the Canvas Community, and I wasn't able to find anything (unless I've overlooked something) related to adding notes to specific assignments within a course.  So, you might want to consider submitting a new Feature Idea around that topic.

Sorry that I don't have better news for you, but I hope this has helped to answer your question in some way.

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Yes, desperately needed in this age of ever LESS prepared students!

While there is no facility to do this, I've come up with a tiresome workaround. I enter an asterisk in the gradebook, which then creates a red exclamation mark on that assignment. That alerts me during grading to go to my manually made document of alerts. At least this way, I remember!

No 5 stars to click on so not sure what to do here.

@michelli ...

No 5 stars to click on so not sure what to do here.

This portion of the Canvas Community is the "Canvas Question Forum".  The Question Forum does not have a built-in rating system.  The "Feature Ideas" (where you can rate Feature Ideas with a star rating) are located over at: Idea Conversations - Instructure Community (

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