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Is there a way to save the availability settings for quizzes?  I use the same settings for each quiz, making it available to different class sections at different times.  But it is a pain to have to recreate these for every quiz.  Is there a way to create a "availability template" or something?

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@ehillphelps -

Well, it depends on which quiz you are using: New Quizzes or Classic Quizzes.

If you are using New Quizzes, then create a quiz with all the settings you want with no questions.  You then have the ability to duplicate that quiz using the menu options when you clilck on the ellipses for that quiz.

For Classic quizzes, there is no duplicate option(I have no idea why), but you can copy it to another course.  So in that case, you could create it in a previous course or a playground course(if your institution gives you one).  Then what I would do is have to browser windows open - one with the course with the template quiz and one with the course you want the quiz in.  I would create the template, copy it to the desired course, change the name of the quiz in the desired course, copy it again and keep repeating until I had all the necessary copies.

Another option you can throw out to your Canvas Administrators is ask for a parent course(what we call them) - these are courses you have that are used to create an entire course template.  Then when you start a new semester, you just do an entire course copy from your parent course into the new course.


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