"A lateness counts as what percent of a presence?" Roll Call Setting Changes Not Saving

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Hello! I am trying to change the Roll Call setting "A lateness counts as what percent of a presence?", but I'm having trouble getting the changes to save.

I'm aware that the default is 80%, and I am trying to change it to 0%. In order to make this change, I went to "Attendance" on the left menu, clicked the gear symbol on the top right of the Roll Call Attendance area, clicked "Roll Call Settings," and then dragged the cursor for "A lateness counts as what percent of a presence?" to 0% from 80%, waited for a bit, and then closed out the "Roll Call Settings" window. When I go back to see if my changes have saved, they have not. I've tried this on a few courses, and still have no success. There isn't a place to click save settings once I make the change, so I'm not sure what to do.

I also checked a previous community post that asked about changing the lateness setting, and it didn't look like it was answered clearly.

I've attached a screenshot of where I'm navigating to make these changes for reference.

Any help is much appreciated!





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Community Coach

@HilaryWilson I tested the setting the percentage for lateness in Roll Call after reading your post, and it appears that the tool won't accept 0% as the value. I tried 1%, 100%, and several others between, and all of them were retained when I closed & reopened the modal window. Only when I tried to set 0%, closed the modal window, and opened it again did I find it back at the default value, 80%.

Potential ways to work around this are marking students absent when they are late so that they get 0% or setting a very low non-zero value (such as 1%) for lateness.

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