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I'm an instructor trying to set up a peer review assignment for 125 students. I accidentally set the original assignment to require 3 reviews and would like to change it so that students only have to complete 2 reviews. However, removing the peer review requirement does not wipe out the peer review assignments. It seems the only way to cancel the current assignments is by clicking the 'trash can' for each one manually.

To rephrase, I would like to clear all existing peer review assignments (no reviews have been submitted yet). Is there an automatic way to do this?


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Hello @hlperkin 

Thank you for contacting the Canvas Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with removing peer reviews. When you created  the assignment and made it three reviews each, have  the students all submitted  already? It sounds like they haven't. If they have not, you should duplicate the assignment and then make the peer reviews be 2 each:

Afterwards, just delete the original. If all  students have already submitted, unfortunately you would need to delete each one manually if going  to edit - and  changing the 3 to 2 isn't reflecting with their required/assigned reviews. You  could also leave the three technically, and just send an announcement and require that they only do two. Hopefully  this helps. 

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