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I work for two schools, both use Canvas. I teach the same course and I would like to share some material, readings and exams from one Canvas to the other. For both my username is the same but, of course, the extension is different. 

Please advive.

Many thanks

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When you log into Canvas, do you see both courses or do you have to go to different URL's to sign in (and thus see only one course on your dashboard)? I was wondering if by "extension," you were referring to separate URLs.

If you sign and see both, then the process is very easy. On any individual item, you can right-click on the 3-dot menu to select "Copy To." Then you just select the course you want to copy it too. If you have a lot of stuff to copy, go to the second course (the one you want to copy content into). On the Home page, select Import Course Content on the right side (also found in course settings). There is an option there to copy an existing course. You can select the first course and then either copy everything or copy specific items. This is a great option if you want to copy the entire course.

If you have to use separate login pages (URL's), then go to the course containing the content you want to use. There are two options. You either upload it to Canvas Commons to send it to yourself or export it. I like the export option because it makes an offline backup. Then go to the course where you want the content and use the Import Course Content option. From the menu located there, you want to import a Canvas Course Export Package and find the file you downloaded from the Export.

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