student name change doesn't show up in grades/people pages

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I've mistakenly entered a students name incorrectly when enrolling them in the Canvas Free for Teacher version. The student was able to change her name, and it shows up correctly on the discussions page, but the name is still incorrect on the People page and Grades/Speedgrader pages. I don't see any way I can correct this for her? 

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It sounds like you were able to update the student's display name. 

  • Display Name is what other users will see in Announcements, Conversations, Conferences, and Discussions. The user can set his or her own display name if the setting is enabled.

The student's full name would need to be updated as well to display correctly when viewing the student on the people page or when grading. 

  • Full Name is used for grading, SIS imports, and other administrative items.

Depending on your permissions in Canvas, you may or may not be able to edit the student's full name. If you are unable to edit the student's full name you would need to reach out to a local administrator at your school to update the student's full name. 

How do I edit a user's name, time zone, or email in an account? 


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