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uploading videos by guest lecturers/roles on People

My TAs are having all kinds of different problems uploading their Panopto videos to the course website.  I thought maybe I could solve this easily by elevating them to 'Instructors', but when I went to the People page and clicked on the three dots to the right of their name, it didn't give me that option.  I read the guide for People and it shows the menu I've seen before, which includes that option.  I guess I have two questions here:

-- any advice for helping my TAs figure out how to upload videos?  I am worried because I have a few guest lectures coming up, including one next week, from people who are not part of the class.  How do I handle this? 

-- and any idea why I'm not seeing the same menu of options for editing the people enrolled in the course, that would allow me to change their roles?

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Hi,  @mjweis . Without knowing more, my first guess is that perhaps the storage quota for the course has been approached and the video files are too large for anyone to upload to the course. To test this you could obtain one of the videos and try to upload it yourself or compare the file sizes with the information in the Course Statistics.

As for why you can't change the role of the TAs, this may be by design and established by your institution in how they have configured role permissions. I would check with your local Canvas administrators on this one.