what happened to the idea, another member might have created?

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As I couldn't find an answer in the idea-guide, I try to explain for this specific example:
1) in 2019 a question was posted: Disable To Do Grading from list until after due date
2) the answer was: it is not possible to change the settings, but you may put the topic into the idea-conversations.
3) I can't find it in the idea-conversation (might be because of: this has been 3 years ago).
4) maybe the idea could have been specified a litte bit more: the person asked for "Disable To Do Grading from list until after due date" - I would want to ask for "Disable To Do Grading from list until after due date for assignments, that can be changed till due date." I can't add this to the idea-conversation, as it is too long ago and the idea conversation doesn't exist anymore.
5) When trying to get to the idea, ... the idea-conversation user interface tells me, similar ideas are already posted. No matching ideas found.
6) What happened to the idea? Is there a way to ask for a system-change or "adding options" to let lecturers change the content of the todo-list by themselves?
7) How can I find out, what happened to the "might be a similar" idea? Is it still stored somewhere? Of course you don't want to discuss the same idea 50 times, I'm wondering if it is possible to find out, which of my ideas, I didn't yet suggest, already were suggested and had a low response rate.
😎 As you might guess from the questions in the post, I'm quite new in the community, sorry for the weird questions.

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Community Team

Hi @Maria_WU -

Lots of good questions! 

I was able to find the thread you referenced, but it seems as if the Idea was never created! I think you could do so and then link back to that original thread for reference...or just make your own with your own user story. 🙂

How do I create a new idea conversation in the Instructure Community? 

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