Has anyone configured SMTP relay for Outbound Emails in G Suite?

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Has anyone been able to route outgoing mail through Google using another non-Gmail SMTP service?

I currently have a website running with Bitnami vm running a CanvasLMS application on a Google Cloud Platform server.

When entering my GSuite Gmail Advanced Settings, the required steps have been done to configure the SMTP relay service. (TLS set to true)


I have also configured the setup for the outgoing email server at /apps/canvaslms/htdocs/config/outgoing_mail.yml (replacing username and password with my application's credentials)

  enable_starttls_auto: true
  address: smtp-relay.gmail.com
  port: 587
  user_name: USERNAME@gmail.com
  password: PASSWORD
  authentication: plain        # plain, login, or cram_md5
  domain: smtp-relay.gmail.com
  outgoing_address: USERNAME@gmail.com
  default_name: CANVAS LMS

Saved the changes and restarted the server. When trying to send an email in Canvas for new user registration, it never reaches the receivers email inbox.

I have reviewed my application logs and have not discovered any errors related to this

Any thoughts on troubleshooting this SMTP issue???

https://docs.bitnami.com/installer/apps/canvaslms/configuration/configure-smtp/ https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Question-Forum/emails-are-not-sent-to-users-students/m-p/230561#M...cheap-dining-chairs

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Sorry that you are having issues getting emails to send.  Since you are running with Bitnami, have you checked their Support Guide on configuring and troubleshooting these types of configurations? Have you tried running the Canvas_init script as @chandrasekhar_m recommends here

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