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Releases Q&A: 2021-10-16 Gradebook (Assignment Search)

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Looking to discuss this feature from the 2021-10-16 Release Notes? Post a reply and start a conversation!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

The Gradebook search fields are a nice addition.  I am curious about the order of these two search fields, however.


To me, it seems like the search box for "Student Names" should be placed over the left-most column, "Student Name".  This would place the "Assignment Names" search box more directly on top of the assignment names within the Gradebook.  To me, it would make sense to swap these two search fields.

@Chris_Hofer, I completely agree! I've created a ticket for our engineering team to make this adjustment. I'll update this thread as soon as the change is deployed. 

Community Contributor

This is a nice addition but seems to take a lot of real estate on the page. It would be super awesome if they could auto-fill. I agree swapping the student and assignment boxes would make more sense. 


@Chris_Hofer and @lezonl2, the update to swap these search fields is complete and has been pushed to beta. 

Also, @lezonl2, this is just the start. There is more to come for these search fields, not necessarily just an auto-fill. I'll be sharing more about those additional updates soon!  

@jsailor ...

This looks much better...thank you!

Community Member

For a while you could type "Exam" and all the columns with exam in the title would show.....or "group work" made it really easy to get subtotals, attendance, or last day of attendance dates for student(s) particularly when combined with the student search feature!!! Having to select each assignment individually when we have 30 group work assignments for a term, 15 Friday quizzes, 5 reviews, or 5 exams is inefficient and painful when it was perfect and so easy just a week or two ago!!!!

Please revert to the previous code that didn't require selection of individual students and assignments - it was soo efficient!! Bring it back please!!!!