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Releases Q&A: 2021-10-27 Gradebook (History Menu Addition)

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Instructure Alumni

Looking to discuss this feature from the 2021-10-27 Deploy Notes? Post a reply and start a conversation!

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I'm unsure if the changes to Gradebook features is what has caused these problems: I can no longer view all Submission Details for student assignment submissions in one location and without expanding multiple clickable fields. Prior to this release, I was able to view the full list of assignment grades for a single student and click on one assignment to open Submission Details. Submission Details included a view of all feedback on an assignment: the annotated document, color coded similarity tag from TurnItIn, submission comments, grade, and clickable rubric. I was able to view this as Instructor and in Test Student View. Now, however, clicking on an assignment in a student's grade list routes me back to the original assignment submission page. As the Instructor I must then open Speed Grader, but in Student View, the assignment submission page does NOT provide the color coded similarity tag from TurnItIn. While I can see the TurnItIn tag in Gradebook and Speed Grader, for students, the tag is now only included in the full assignment grade list for students. This creates a disconnect between the entire feedback provided to the student (TurnItIn feedback in the form of color coded tag is now located separately from Instructor annotations and comments) for a particular assignment. The student can no longer navigate to their similarity report while reviewing Instructor feedback. Related is the fact that from the assignment submission view, Submission Comments are not automatically viewable as they were in the previous Submission Details view. Again, this creates a separation between the student's submission and Instructor feedback because the student must opt to expand the Add Comment field. Students are unlikely to consider that to see a previously posted comment by their Instructor that they need to select to Add Comment. If a student has no comment to add, why would they click on that field? The name of the field does not accurately convey what that field contains (Instructor comments), and with Instructor comments not automatically viewable, students are very likely to miss viewing Instructor comments. Annotations options are automatically viewable in the current view, however, they are not good for giving general feedback, so are not appropriate to use in all feedback cases. 


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The change to searching by student names in the Gradebook seems to have lost the option to search by Secondary info. Our staff often look students based on their University ID number (stored in Canvas as their Login and SIS IDs). Now you have to know a student's name (as it is in Canvas) or use the browser's search tools to find students by their ID.


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I am new to Canvas and Miller-Motte College, I too am having difficulty viewing the grade book. Students have said they completed assignments, but the grades are not showing for me or my students.