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Greetings. It is a school requirement that students upload their essays into Canvas-UniCheck for a Similarity Report. Question: How can students delete, extract, remove, and retrieve their typed and speech written essays and papers from/out of the Canvas-UniCheck Similarity Report database?
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Hi @BrendaGertman,

In the most general situations, it's usually not possible to delete/extract/remove submissions from plagiarism provider databases, regardless of the vendor, as part of the way the systems function is to compare things to previous submissions.  I am not familiar with Unicheck, but some systems to have a way for administrators to delete individual submissions from the system.  As you are a student, I would advise you to contact your school's Canvas team (usually in the eLearning / IT / Digital Education areas) to see what options they might be able to do for you.  it's possible that they'll delete some submissions by request, but it's also possible they will say no to the request, but the only way to know for sure is to ask.

Hope this helps a bit.


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