Captions completely under a video in Canvas Studio?

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Hey there,

One of our instructors has been wondering if there's a way in Studio for captions to appear completely under the video itself, as opposed to the bottom of the video's frame. In this case, captions at the bottom of the video actually block onscreen content, and so become an unintended barrier for visual learners and Deaf/HOH students.

Has anyone else run into this issue? We should have the ability for captions to be visible and not obscure other instructional content, but this doesn't seem the case in Studio at present. I know the captioning capabilities and editing UI in Studio have changed often the last few years, and always for the better in my opinion (this includes the shift from captions appearing at the top of a video to the bottom).

Thanks for any replies, thoughts, or alternatives anyone might suggest.

- Paul DeMartini, Instructional Accessibility Technician