How to access video projects in Screencast-o-matic editor

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The editing tools in the Screencast-o-matic editor are ah-mazing, but I was today years old when I learned that you don't have to edit and record all in the same sitting! I discovered pretty much by accident that you can close the video window without uploading, and it will save your project! 

The problem is how to access that project again. Right now, the only way I know is to start a dummy recording and then click the link at the top that says "Back to video projects."  I did not know! I found half a dozen abandoned recordings that I had no idea were there! And I could edit any of them in the Screencast-o-matic editor!

So now I'm asking -- is there a way to *directly* access these recordings rather than going through the whole "dummy" recording process?  (It feels like some kind of hidden process to unlock an Easter egg!) Is there a better way?



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Hi @patentoni ...

Unfortunately, you're not missing anything.  You've accurately described how to access past projects that you've been working on.  Keep in mind:

  • Once any videos you've been working on have been transferred over to your Studio library , they are not available within that view any more to edit.
  • These videos are usually stored on your local computer.  So, if you were to try and carry out these same steps on a different computer, you wouldn't find those videos available.

I hope this helps, and I wish I had better news for you.

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