Student name not offered when trying to share screen capture video feedback

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What do I need to do when a student's name is not offered when I am trying to share feedback created using a screen capture video?  I have 70 students and three students names did not come up when I started typing in the 'type to add people or groups' space through the 'share media'. function in studio.

Any ideas?

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Hello @tanya_may ...

I'm not sure I fully understand your question as it relates to Studio.  It sounds like you want to share feedback with students using the "Share Media" function within Studio?  This is where I am a bit confused.  The "Share Media" function is to share videos in your own Studio library with other individuals.  I'm not sure that it can be used to share you are hoping.  (Maybe I'm wrong...and maybe I'm not understanding your question correctly.)  As far as I know, if you are trying to find student names via that "Share Media" option, the student(s) have to have authenticated into the Studio interface so that their name is searchable in Studio.

These are the Guides I found for you on how to use the "Share Media" functionality in Canvas Studio:

Again, I'm not sure that I'm fully answering or understanding your question, so if you could please come back to this topic and provide any extra details, that would be great...thanks!  Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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