Studio Recording Failed to Upload.

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I recorded a studio video and it failed to upload.  Is there a way to force the file to upload?  I thought the Screen Recorder Launch app would allow me to see a queue of my videos.  How can I guarantee that if there is a network glitch, I will still have my recording?  Maybe I am missing something?

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Hi Jackie,

Here is the text of the post:


In the Arc interface, it would be nice to have quick access to the Screen Recorder where you can further edit a video you will be uploading to your Arc library.


The Problem

One of the many features of Arc is the ability to record a "Screen Capture" demonstration and then use a variety of tools to edit your video before saving/publishing it to your own Arc library.  However, the process to get to these tools for a video you're currently editing is a bit hidden and complex.  Here are the steps for those of us who have purchased Arc for our Canvas environments:


  1. Click on Arc on the global navigation.
  2. Click on Record (top right corner of the Arc dashboard)
  3. Select Screen Capture.
  4. After the screen capture software opens, click the red Rec button.
  5. Wait for the countdown, and then click the blue Pause button to pause the recording.  The recording doesn't have to be more than a couple seconds in length.
  6. Click Done.
  7. On the Screen Recorder window that opens, click the link in the upper left corner for Back to recordings.
  8. Click the checkbox next to Manage Recordings.
  9. Select the recording you just created, and then click the red Delete link.
  10. Click on the actual video that you've been working on, and then click the Edit button (underneath the large green Upload button on the right hand side of the Screen Recorder window).


As you can see...a lot of steps just so you can resume editing a video you intend to publish to your Arc library.  Right now, there doesn't seem to be a way to eliminate a lot of these steps.  sadpanda

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