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Studio generates text, can I export to .SRT?

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Hello @CathyRodriguez ...

What do you mean by "Studio generates text"?  Are you referring to the closed captioning portion of Studio where captions can be auto-generated for videos that you've uploaded (original video content) to Canvas Studio?  If so, then the answer is YES!  Check out this Guide:

How do I use the Canvas Studio Caption Request Too... - Instructure Community (

I tested this in my own Canvas sandbox environment where I have Studio.  I was able to download the captions as a *.zip file.  Once I unzipped the file, there were two *.srt files:


(Some of the screenshots in the above linked Guide show you where you can download the captions.)

I hope I've understood your question correctly.  Please let Community members know if this is not what you were referring to, and we'll try to do more troubleshooting.


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