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We are switching from Kaltura and we have been able to automatically have all of the cloud Zoom recordings automatically go into Kaltura. Is this possible with Studio? What I'm asking is if Zoom and Studio are both active in Canvas, is it possible for recordings to go directly into Studio without having to manually download from Zoom and then upload them to Studio?

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Good evening, @CMWilson ...

I have some great news for you!  It's now possible to automatically move Zoom cloud recordings over to Canvas Studio.  This new capability was released earlier this month, and you can find more details in the Studio Release Notes (2022-01-03) - Instructure Community (canvaslms.com).

Also, here are a couple Guides for you that will also be of help:

I'll modify my earlier response in this thread because this is now possible in Canvas.  I hope this will be of help to you.

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