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I am unable to see the edit the captions  within Canvas Studio as I see only a blank screen beyond the first few lines of captions.  Prior to this week there was a scroll bar in the middle of the page and a scroll bar for the video preview portion of the screen. Now the scroll bar in the center of the screen is missing and there is now a scroll bar is located at the right side of the screen that shows me only blank screen under the captions on the left.  The video preview still has the same scroll bar.

My current workaround is to edit .srt file I source from other software and use two screens to edit, and upload the edited file. This is not ideal when I could do all my edits within Canvas Studio and preview a change before moving to the next line.

Is anyone else experiencing this change?


Thank you for your assistance and replies.

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I personally and many of the faculty I support have been having this issue as well. I noticed in another browser this did not happen, so what I did was clear the cache and browsing data, and then they fully loaded. I would recommend trying this to see if it fixes your problem. It took a moment for my team member to have the captions load again, but it did work for them as well. Still waiting to hear if it works for all the faculty who have reached out.

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