recording and uploading a power point presentation into canvas

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Hello, so I am a non-traditional student and have used power point very little in the past.  However, I found it was pretty easy to do and I did make my power point presentation.  Now I have to record myself going through my slides as a presentation for an assignment and I guess I am confused on how to do that exactly, because we have to use the STUDIO option within Canvas.  I have watched the numerous instructional videos, however, it just says, "go to your power-point" and I am not sure how to do that when I am already IN STUDIO and recording myself?  Is there a way to upload the presentation FIRST and then have it there, ready to go BEFORE you start recording yourself slide by slide?  That seems more logical to me, but when I try and drag and drop my presentation (which is in power point format, on my desktop, I get a message that says, "sorry, we don't support that file type"). So, I am at a loss of how to do this.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


Tanya Bradley

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