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How do I connect courses?

First, we're VERY excited about these updates! I just need some guidance wrapping my brain around things. If there has been posts about this, please point me in the right direction, I missed them.

We have not separated courses by subject. The way we've done it, our SIS creates 1 course for each teacher. So, in order for this to work, I'm understanding that the teachers would need separate courses for each subject and that first course would become the main Homeroom course, correct? How does the course creation piece work? Would teachers need to create courses for each subject? Would they get pulled in? Would the district have to create those courses? If so, how does that work with the SIS integration? 

Thank you! Sorry for the barrage of questions! 

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I found the update video from Jodi and Peyton which I think answers my questions....looks like teachers can manually create subject courses to be pulled into their SIS create homeroom course, correct?

Hi, @jhough,

You can either adjust your current sync to create the courses and sync them to Canvas from your SIS or teachers can create the individual courses manually.  It is important to note, as others have pointed out, that with the current development, teachers are not able to create the courses manually from the dashboard as they typically have if Canvas for Elementary is enabled for a sub-account. We are working on a solution to make that possible. 

My school district also at the Elementary level only has 1 course and then specials classes have their own courses.  We plan on keeping it that way in order not to overwhelm our teachers.  I think that course will be their homeroom with everything included inside that 1 course.  I'm hoping we don't HAVE to have separate courses for each subject.  

Something I thought about when practicing creating an announcement...I wanted to link to content in one of the subjects. It would be nice to be able to have the option like I do in a regular course to be able to pull in those course links. I could see there being that option and then the drop down on the slide out to choose which course you want to pull the links from. 

If they manually create courses will those grades still get pulled by the SIS?

We are setup the same way. Our teachers have 1 course and then our SIS pulls their grades from that. They get a new course each quarter. 

@jsailor Am I correct that teachers won't NEED to create individual subject courses for things to still function well in the new UI?

From my understanding, you need to change the '"terms" in the course settings. Once you match those terms and subaccounts, it should link with your SIS courses assuming your Canvas Groups match your SIS gradebook categories. 




Our district pushes out one canvas tile for each subject... so our elementary teachers have five canvas tiles (homeroom then four subject areas). Should those teachers just crosslist those four subject areas to their homeroom course and then check the box in course settings that "enables as homeroom course"? What would that look like and are there any issues when doing that? Do the gradebooks combine into one course (my homeroom course) or do those gradebooks stay separate?


Currently, if you were to crosslist, the gradebooks would combine which is why we keep each canvas course separate and not crosslisted together.

I just spoke with our SIS team on this same subject today. They were wondering if Canvas could build multiple courses based on a single enrollment in our SIS. 

For example, John Smith is enrolled in 4th grade at Awesome Elementary School. With that ONE enrollment Canvas could create a math, science, language arts, etc courses based on the information that John Smith is a student that is associated with a school that has the Canvas for Elementary feature turned on.

Hopefully that makes sense.

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