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Video Walkthrough: Canvas for Elementary

Video Walkthrough: Canvas for Elementary

This walkthrough describes the full Canvas for Elementary project as of 11 March 2021. Some features are subject to change. For the latest updates please see the Canvas for Elementary overview document.


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@erinhmcmillan are there plans for an updated video? This was from March before a lot of the features were fully developed. We're looking for an intro to share with our teachers.

Hi, @audra_agnelly! This is on my to-do list. How soon were you hoping to share with your teachers?  

@jsailor our teachers return in a week!

@audra_agnelly, thanks for the quick reply! I'll see what I can get put together by early next week and get it posted for you (and the rest of our faithful viewers 😃).  Thanks!

@jsailor Awesome!

Sidenote: I'm counting down the hours to the Friday Happy Hour video from Team C4E!

I ditto this and then some, @jsailor , if your team can have a short quick video ready! I am making one from the student perspective too, but I'm wondering if the amazing documentation team could help make one of those too? 

Thank you!!

Elementary children love to receive stickers as rewards for a job well done. They also work hard to acquire them and complete work/homework weekly for a virtual star. Is there something in the new homepage to motivate/entice students to turn-in work/homework on time? Thank you. 

Hi @jsailor !  I was just coming here to post a request for an updated video -- it's hard to keep up with all the awesome improvements -- and I see the request has already been made and a video is coming. (Woo hoo!)   From the student and parent perspective would be awesome as well, but the teacher one is first priority.

We have teachers who volunteered to "pilot" the new experience, but it's overwhelming to steer them to the community.   Would love a video to get them started.  Great to know that Canvas Guides also are coming.

Thank you!

Awaiting an updated Walkthrough video as well.  Thanks for all the hard work keeping us updated!

@jsailor Would love an update as well! Not only are we a pilot school for Canvas for our division, but also piloting C4E as well! Teachers return this Friday!

Yes, an updated video would be appreciated - our schools started today and teachers are confused by how the homeroom works in the new dashboard. thanks!

Hi!  Any chance there may be an ETA for the new video, please?  Thanks!

Also looking for an updated video to share with key decision makers. Any idea when we can expect a new video? Thank you!

Please see the updated video posted here:  Updated Video Walkthrough: Canvas for Elementary - Instructure Community



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