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What is Canvas for Elementary?

Find your school's Canvas URL

To find your school or institution's Canvas URL, begin typing the name of your school/institution. Results will appear after you type at least 3 characters. For best results be as specific as possible. If you can't find your school, try using any part of your school's name or searching for your school district or state. You may also need to search for the school using the acronym or full name, for example "USU" and "Utah State University".

What is Canvas for Elementary?

Canvas for Elementary is a Canvas setting that displays a simplified interface and experience designed for young learners.

The Canvas for Elementary setting can be enabled at a school's account or sub-account level. When enabled, the Canvas for Elementary interface displays to all users enrolled in at least one active subject within the account or sub-account.

When enabled, users enrolled in Canvas for Elementary subjects can view a homeroom which displays the user's subjects and information or resources that apply to all of their subjects. Within an individual subject, a user can view upcoming tasks and information or resources that apply to that subject.

What is the Homeroom?

The Homeroom is a course designated by an instructor to act as a home base in which students can view information or resources pertaining to all of their subjects.

Within the homeroom, users can view homeroom announcements [1], their active subjects [2], and important dates [3].

They can also view a schedule of this week's tasks and events [4], resources [5], and, if made available by the instructor, subject grades [6].

Learn more about the Homeroom.

What is a subject?

A subject is a course in which holds information pertaining to one topic or subject.

Within a subject, users can view subject-specific announcements [1] and, if added by the instructor, the subject home page [2].

Subject users can also view modules [3], this week's tasks and events [4], and resources [5].

If made available by the instructor, users can also view subject grades [6] and groups [7].

Learn more about subjects.


  • The Modules, Resources, and Groups tabs may not display if they're not being used in the subject.
  • Subject tabs can also be hidden by the instructor.
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